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I'm sorry it's so late (8 hours before the event starts tonight), but
I hope anyone reading this can pass the event among their friends / co-graduates and a group of people can make it to Sacramento.

I sure do think it'd be great for a flood of as many IMPACT grads as
can make the time to show up--even if a bit late sneaking in the
door--to an event like this.

It looks like it's going to be a meeting all about how to (and
presumably touching on how not to) intervene as a bystander--probably
will cover both physical and mental/emotional aspects. The 3 speakers
were soccer players who shoved themselves against a door that was
being held shut by baseball players and interrupted a gang rape going
on at a party, carrying the woman out of the room and taking her to
the hospital.

Sure would be neat to have IMPACT grads/teachers there to see what a
different set of people who promote physical force in the face of
predatory violence have to say.

Hope it's not too late.

What: "No Woman Left Behind" campaign event

Where: Sacramento State's University Union Redwood Room

(a previously printed flyer said "Ballroom 1," so if the Redwood Room
is empty, look there before giving up)

Map of the building:
http://www.csus.edu/union/union/floor_plans.html /

(The University Union looks like a super-thick letter X. It is on the
east side of campus, almost all the way to the road called "State
University Dr. E." Lot 4 is the recommended parking lot. It is
between the Union and State University Dr. E.)

Map TO the building:


When: 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., Monday, Oct. 8

Who: Sacramento State's Women's Resource Center and the Sacramento
State GAMMAs, a peer health education group, will host speakers as
part of their "No Woman Left Behind" campaign, which encourages people
to intervene during a sexual assault and to speak up for victims who
cannot speak for themselves.

The featured speakers are Lauren Bryeans, Lauren Chief Elk and April
Grolle, who, as college students, saved a female classmate from a
sexual assault. They will discuss sexual assault and bystander

"With one in five women being sexually assaulted in the national
collegiate world, this event is a reminder that it can happen
anywhere," says Jessica Heskin, Women's Resource Center advocate and
educator. These three women can serve as a huge inspiration to
others," she says.

The event is free and open to the public.

Contact: For event information, contact Sacramento State's Women's
Resource Center at (916) 278-7388 or visit www.csus.edu/wrc/. For
media assistance, contact Sacramento State's Public Affairs office at
(916) 278-6156.
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