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Young Adult Self Defense Class

Our Young Adult "On Her Own" course is geared to the young woman (age 17-22) who is recently out on her own, attending college or starting a first full-time job. The focus is on preventing stranger, acquaintance and relationship physical and sexual violence. This course gives students the opportunity to practice full-force self-defense on instructors in well-padded suits who play the role of an assailant. By practicing techniques full-force our students experience the benefits of "muscle memory" so their bodies will remember the techniques in a crisis situation. Verbal and physical boundary-setting is also practiced to de-escalate situations before they become physical. We teach in an emotionally supportive environment conducive to learning and healing.

This course meets in Oakland.

Friday, December 21, 10am-5pm
Saturday, December 22, 10am-5pm
Sunday, December 23, 10am-5pm

For the privacy of our students the exact location of our course will be emailed with your confirmation.

Register here

Note: This class is only offer one or two times per year. Payment plans and scholarships are available. Please link/crosspost
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