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Upcoming Basics and Boundaries classes

This single weekend format of our Basics Course is a comprehensive training with lots of practice, covering the emotional, mental and physical aspects of self-defense. This course gives students the opportunity to practice full-force on an "attacker" instructor in a well-padded suit who plays the role of an assailant. Practicing these full-force techniques, taught by a female instructor, allows our students to experience the benefits of "muscle memory" - their bodies will remember the techniques in a crisis situation. Verbal and body-language boundary-setting is also practiced to de-escalate situations before they become physical. We teach in an emotionally supportive environment conducive to learning and healing.

This course meets in Oakland.

BASICS Self-Defense Class Hours:
Friday Sept 14, 2007, 12pm-5pm
Saturday Sept 15, 2007, 9am-6pm
Sunday Sept 16, 2007, 9am-6pm

For the privacy of our students the exact location of our course will be emailed with your confirmation.

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Sunday, October 7, 11 to 3

Boundary Workshops are taught in the same emotionally supportive environment as IMPACT's other courses.

-The Boundary Workshop focuses on setting boundaries verbally, with body language, and using other methods before a situation gets physical.

-There is no "mock assailant" - just a female instructor/coach.

-Students practice, through role-playing with instructors and other students, being more comfortable setting boundaries with familiar people and strangers.

-Students who are new to IMPACT and alumni are welcome to enroll in the Boundary Workshop.

-This course is for Women-Only and meets in Oakland on Sunday, October 7, 2007, from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

-For the privacy of our students, the exact location of your course will be sent in your confirmation email.

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