Les (tenacious_snail) wrote in impact_bay_area,

July Men's Class

This will be the last men's class of the year. If you're interested, or even might be interested, please call the office.

July 27, 28, 29, 2007
BASICS Self Defense Class for Men (ages 16+)
IMPACT Safety of Columbus, Ohio will be in Oakland, CA to teach this
annual 20-hr full-contact, full-force self defense training. Using the
same teaching philosophy as the IMPACT Basics class for women, this
program emphasizes skills which men need to protect themselves.
Physical skills, verbal strategies and psychological readiness are
geared specifically for men. Practice scenarios are contextualized for
the types of assaults that men are most likely to be targeted for.
Class size limited to 12 participants for maximum individual training
and skills practice. Cost is $750. Contact IMPACT Bay Area (510)
208-0474; or register online: here
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