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Upcoming Impact Classes for Women and Girls

June 2-3, 2006
Teen "Kick-Like-A-Girl" Self-Defense Class
2-day class designed for teen girls ages 12 to 16 with a focus on
preventing stranger, acquaintance and relationship physical and sexual
violence. Learning verbal boundary setting plus full-force self-defense
techniques enables girls to avoid or handle dangerous situations now and
in the future. Self-defense and personal safety skills are taught in
"real-life" scenarios with high adrenaline so the material is
programmed into their muscle memory. Every girl should learn how to
protect and stand up for herself. Class meets Sat & Sun from 1-6pm in
Oakland, CA. $195. Contact IMPACT Bay Area (510) 208-0474;

June 22, 23, 24, 2007
Personal Safety & Self Defense Class for Women 16+
Our weekend class provides 23 hours of training in self-defense and
verbal boundary setting techniques. Learn and practice full force kicks
and blow on a padded assailant in realistic scenarios. Learn to defend
yourself, feel safer in the world, connect with your personal power and
heal from previous experiences of violence or abuse. 3-day class meets
Fri. 12-5pm; Sat & Sun. 9am-6pm in Oakland, CA. $495; discounts and
financial assistance available. Contact IMPACT Bay Area, (510)

July 8, 2007
Boundary-setting & Assertiveness Training for Women
Four hour training on setting clear boundaries with strangers and
acquaintances. Using your body language and your voice are enough to
help you get through life while getting what you want and need. Lots of
practice with boundary setting in a variety of scenarios from saying
"no" to your needy friend to handling an overly eager date to averting
potential physical or sexual assault. Plus, learn how to assert
yourself like asking for a raise and getting what you need from your
relationships. $75. Contact IMPACT Bay Area, (510) 208-0474;

August 10, 11, 12, 2006
Young Adult "On Her Own" Self-Defense Class
Annual 3-day, 21 hour class designed for women aged 17-22 who are
attending college or living away from home for the first time (or about
to). Learn physical and verbal self-defense skills in a variety or
"realistic situations" young women are often exposed to. Quote from
18-year-old graduate: "I am totally convinced that I now have the tools
needed to stand up for myself and defend myself against an assault!"
Great class for high school seniors just before leaving for college.
Class meets Fri, Sat, Sun from 12pm-7pm; Fee: $395; ContactIMPACT Bay Area, (510) 208-0474; www.OnHerOwn.org
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