Les (tenacious_snail) wrote in impact_bay_area,

Fall Fundraiser

Impact needs your help with our Fall Fundraiser. We did not have an awards luncheon this year because next year is our 25th Anniversary and we're gearing up for that celebration. We did get a lot of awesome items though that we are Raffling off in hopes of bringing in some much needed revenue to make it through the end of this year.

You can simply email Erica<erica@impactbayarea.org> the raffle prize package name with the number of tickets you want and then go to our online donation link to pay for the tickets (fill in the other amount).


It is a tax-deductible donation to IMPACT Bay Area. Or, follow the instructions on the attached raffle sheets (can also mail or fax in your raffle sheets and payment).

Raffle sheets are here and here
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